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Julian Placino is a professional recruiter, speaker, and entrepreneur. On the Pathways to Success Podcast, he conducts in-depth interviews with world-class performers to discover their mindsets, tactics, and behaviors. He has interviewed CEOs, New York Times bestselling authors, TEDx speakers, celebrity athletes, company founders, leading entrepreneurs, and prolific thought leaders.
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Sep 11, 2017
Andy Costa is a world-renowned Emmy Award Winning documentary filmmaker.
Since he was a toddler, Andy was fascinated by storytelling. He would spend countless hours playing storytelling vinyl records and would constantly ask his parents to tell him, "just one more" story. He began his film storytelling journey at the age of 12 when he won a Super8 camera. 
Throughout his 25 years in filmmaking, Andy has won multiple awards including a Lone Star Emmy and the 1st place award in the Ethic Experience category of the National Association of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors in 2013. 
He has produced videos for NFL and NBA athletes and coaches as well as best selling authors and high-profile speakers such as Tom Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Seth Godin, John C. Maxwell, Dave Ramsey and many more. 
Andy is also a professional speaker and has won 7 storytelling awards. 
Andy’s Work:
Zig Ziglar Documentary: You Were Born To Win
Connect with Andy: 
Andy is giving away 10 FREE copies of his latest documentary, You Were Born To Win to the first 10 listeners of the Pathways to Success who take advantage of this LIMITED TIME OFFER! 
Sep 4, 2017
Jason Croft is a Video Marketing Strategist. In a nutshell, Jason helps businesses make money with videos. With over 25 years of media experience he has a proven track record of helping businesses build successful video platforms that convert. 
On this episode, Jason coaches me on how to launch my own YouTube Channel. 
  • How to develop a channel concept 
  • How to make compelling content 
  • How to market your YouTube Channel
  • How to utilize freelancers to improve production quality 
  • YouTube equipment for newbies 
  • Editing software you should and shouldn’t use 
  • Essential tools for YouTube

Connect with Jason: 

Aug 28, 2017

Cecilia Stevenson is an accomplished Freelance Video Producer and Editor who is a rare example of someone who doesn't just talk about her faith, but lives it as well. Cecilia has been involved in the production of videos for FedEx Office, American Heart Association, Texas A&M Athletic Department, Petmate, the Diocese of Dallas and many others. 

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Cecilia's interest in video production started in high school when she got into making music videos with her brothers. After graduating high school, she went to college at the great Texas A&M University to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Media Studies. She graduated in May of 2014 and in January of 2015 moved to North Dallas to work as an intern for a local video production company, Eyecon Video. After 4 months of interning with Eyecon, she was hired on full time as their Production Coordinator. After a year and a half of working full time at Eyecon, she decided to leave at the end of 2016 to pursue freelancing. And that's where she's been since January of 2017 - living the freelance life, enjoying every second of it, and thanking God every day for the opportunities he has placed before her.

  • Tips to succeed as a freelancer
  • How Cecilia gets booked for freelance jobs
  • How to grow your network through building quality relationships
  • What role faith plays in Cecilia's personal and professional life
  • The importance of finding your passion and doing meaningful work

Connect with Cecilia:





Aug 21, 2017

Andrew Jones left a career in music to teach university writing and English literature. After traveling around the U.S. as a silver bullet for artists with major label development deals and songwriting for Michael Jackson’s ill-fated comeback album, Andrew became a published poet and won an international award for his research on the symbolic power of language in science fiction. 

Now, Andrew balances his professional and artistic life in pursuit of perfecting clear, intentional expression. He continues to write award-winning work, this time for large companies. He has also resumed life as a musician and produces emerging songwriters and artists across the country.

  • The creative process
  • Keys to successful writing
  • How to induce creative states
  • Breaking through writers block 
  • Thoughts about “Smart Drugs” 
  • Writing rituals
  • Why Andrew writes with pen and paper
  • Lo-fi and Hi-fi writing tools 
  • The editing process
Connect with Andrew at His latest release, Sound for Bombs, is available on
Aug 14, 2017
Joshua Ponton is a Fitness Entrepreneur and the Founder of Renegade Bootcamps DFW. Renegade was created for people who have had trouble losing weight in the past and have been failed by countless gyms and weight-loss programs. In addition to workout classes, renegade has a proven method of creating results through accountability and progress evaluation. For anyone whose ever felt stuck in any area of exercise, nutrition or recovery, Renegade can be the solution for you. 
  • Developing the mind in order to transform the body 
  • How to conquer limiting beliefs
  • They keys to making permanent change 
  • How to avoid self sabotage 
  • Finding your passion and purpose 
  • Josh’s entrepreneurial story 
  • Building a great business culture 
  • Why customer service is everything 
  • Renegade fitness methodology 
Aug 7, 2017

MOAR Creative is a Brand Ignition Agency. They ignite the spark within brands, unlocking their potential and maximizing their impact. They do this through brand strategy, storytelling, and the full range of creative services. They partner with their clients and help them rise above the competition to WIN.

Greg Keathley Bio:

Greg Keathley is an award-winning multimedia designer, creative strategist, brand consultant, artist, and father. He has won several design awards for his work and recently created the logo for a billion dollar company. His work has been seen around the world, and people have even tattooed it onto their bodies. He loves helping people and invites any and everyone to chat him up on social media with questions or to critique portfolio work.

Jensen Hall Bio:

Jensen Hall is a video producer, editor and director of photography. Creativity began in early childhood with directing and editing home videos and grew as he shot wedding videos as a young adult. Jensen loves to tell stories with his shots and always strives to create beautiful images that draw the viewer into the frame. Jensen lives in Melissa with his wife Lesley and four month old son Henderson. He is actively involved in his church and helps lead the youth group. He loves to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

  • How to Ignite your brand and design 
  • How to effectively communicate your brand to your customers
  • The top 3 platforms you should utilize to promote your brand
  • How to tell the story of your brand 
  • How to incorporate video to promote your brand 
  • How to take full control over your branding
Visit for a complimentary brand evaluation and notifications for free giveaways. 
Connect with MOAR:
Jul 31, 2017

Matt Miller spent the first 9 years of his career as an Air Force pilot, before entering the private sector to work in both the medical device and advertising industries. While a top performer in the corporate world, his long term desire was to be his own boss. A good friend one day mentioned the gum ball machines he and his young daughters owned, and that conversation began a 10 year business quest that has brought Matt’s company, School Spirit Vending, to the cutting edge of both the vending and school fundraising industries.

Today, School Spirit Vending’s franchising program provides a proven and profitable business system for busy professionals and their families looking to develop secondary income streams with a limited time commitment.

To get a FREE copy of Matt’s book, Live Your Dreams: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Vending Business visit

Connect with Matt Miller: 
Comic Book
Jul 24, 2017
Tim Sanders spent most of his career on the cutting edge of innovation and change. He was on the ground floor of the quality movement, the launch of the mobile phone industry and, most notably, the birth of the world wide web. Today, he’s gravitated to disruptive change for over 30 years.

He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s, which had the largest opening day IPO in history. After Yahoo acquired the company, Tim was tapped to lead their ValueLab, which enabled sales teams to close hundreds of millions of dollars of new business through rapid collaboration.

By 2001, he rose to the position of Chief Solutions Officer and later, the company’s Leadership Coach. In 2005, he founded Deeper Media, which provides consulting and training services for leading companies, trade associations and government agencies.

Tim is the author of four books, including the New York Times bestseller Love Is the Killer App: How To Win Business & Influence Friends. It’s been translated into over a dozen languages and has been featured in Fast Company, USA Today, the New York Times, The Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor and on CNN. His other books include Today We Are RichThe Likeability FactorSaving the World at Work and Dealstorming 

To connect with Tim and to receive special offers including a free chapter of his Bestselling Book, Dealstorming, visit

Jul 17, 2017
Kyle Martin is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Entrepreneur and former Competitive Bodybuilder. In 2009, Kyle placed 4th at the Ronnie Coleman Classic teen division. Dissatisfied with anything but 1st place, he sought mentorship to improve his weaknesses and went back to training harder than ever. The following year, Kyle achieved his 1st place win at the 2010 Ronnie Coleman Classic teen division. 
When Kyle was 15 years old, he was 6ft tall and 150 lbs. Since then, he has gained 80 lbs of lean muscle and dropped over 16 lbs body fat. Today, he helps others achieve their fitness goals through proper nutrition, exercise, goal setting and personal development. On this episode, we discuss what it takes to make permanent changes to your physical and mental fitness. 


Connect with Kyle Martin: 
IG: golden_age_bodybuilding
Jul 10, 2017

Dr. Jodi Walker is a Professional Certified Life Coach and Trainer. She has co-authored 3 books and in 2016, she launched a book series called Small Town Girl: Stories of Success & Inspiration with 10 co-authors writing about how their small towns helped shape them into the women they are today. 

Dr. Walker has taught at all levels for twenty one years, and during this time earned her Counseling degree in 1999 and her Doctorate in 2013. Her passions include, college and career decisions as well as helping women make successful transitions to find meaning and purpose in their lives. She's an inspiring coach and truly cares about helping others find their passion and purpose.
Simple Abundance — Gratitude, Simplicity, Order, Harmony, Beauty and Joy
Living Authentically— Making choices that keep you on your true path
Life Transitions — Adjusting through the changes in Life 
Connect with Dr. Jodi Walker: 
Jul 3, 2017

Bottle Rocket is an international, multi-disciplinary mobile studio that connects future-focused brands to their customers through sophisticated yet simple mobile experiences. With their award-winning applications and solutions, Bottle Rocket's partners strengthen their businesses through enhanced user and brand interactions. Bottle Rocket is a mobile specialist within Ogilvy—an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency, which is part of WPP, the world’s largest communications services group.

On this episode, I discuss the origin story of Bottle Rocket Studios with Founder and CEO, Calvin Carter


Jun 26, 2017
Calvin Carter is the founder and CEO of Bottle Rocket. Calvin built Bottle Rocket on the belief that exceptionally innovative technology not only enhances the way we do things - it redefines the way we live our lives.  A visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit, Calvin launched Bottle Rocket in March 2008, the day after Steve Jobs announced the iPhone being opened to third-party developers and months before the App Store opened. Named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013, Calvin has grown Bottle Rocket to over 200 Rocketeers and completed more than 350 apps. 
Prior to launching Bottle Rocket, Calvin ran a private equity and business development company that completed many successful projects and made equity investments into 16 companies, many of which were technology focused. He has founded or co-founded several other businesses, including i.con interactive, an Internet software development and professional services company. This company eventually merged with seven other Internet firms to form Luminant Worldwide, a publicly-traded company with $160 million in revenue and over 1,000 professionals. 
Outside of Bottle Rocket, Calvin serves on numerous corporate advisory boards and was president of the Dallas Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization, an international membership organization of more than 5,500 business owners worldwide. He later served on the President’s Council of EO and as its North American Regional Director. Calvin holds a BA in Accounting and BA in Organizational Behavior and Business Policy degrees from Southern Methodist University and is a graduate of both the Stagen Integral Leadership Program and Transformational Leadership Program.
Jun 19, 2017
Greg Weatherford II is an entrepreneurial prodigy and philanthropist. At the age of 12, Greg founded the non-profit, Young People Who Care, which helped create student-led service learning opportunities for young people to get involved in the community. 
In the for-profit world, Greg has served as a consultant for large corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. In 2008, Greg was selected to lead The State Farm Youth Advisory Board which is an outreach initiative that allocates $5 million annually to college students to grant out across North America to deserving non-profits.

He’s been recognized for his community work by entities such as the United States House of Representatives, President George W. Bush, The United States Education Department, America’s Promise Alliance, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Prudential Financial, State Farm, Apple Orthodontics and the Dallas Mavericks.

Greg now splits his time volunteering for various causes and managing his business interests. His non-profit organization, Educational Pathways was created to help youth and their families get access to valuable resources to become more engaged, educated and empowered. Since 2011, Educational Pathways has helped over 1,000 students get access to valuable higher education resources.


  • The importance of finding your purpose
  • How to discover your purpose
  • How to profit from your purpose 
  • Making money with your passion
  • The importance of mentors
  • How to teach entrepreneurship to children
  • Why it’s ok to start small with your entrepreneurial ventures
  • The importance of continuous education
  • Being a lifelong learner  
Greg’s Businesses:
Connect with Greg:
Jun 12, 2017
This is part 2 and the exciting conclusion of my in depth interview with Jason Wang. 
Jason Wang is the Executive Relations Manager for Defy Ventures, a non-profit organization that takes previously incarcerated persons and pairs them with successful entrepreneurs and executives. Despite the success he’s achieved in present day, Jason did not have an easy start. He was incarcerated at the age of 15 and earned a 12 year sentence due to his life of hustling, gambling and gang affiliation. Since being released from prison, he’s completely transformed his life. Jason graduated from UT Dallas with a double masters (MBA, International Business), has raised over a quarter million dollars in private funding for non-profits, serves on the board of directors for TCJC, is featured in the hit documentary, Chasing Bonnie and Clyde and even founded his own company, By Size moments. 
  • Experiences in prison
  • The role his mother played in his transformation
  • How he was able to find success after his release
  • Defy Ventures 
Jun 5, 2017
Jason Wang is the Executive Relations Manager for Defy Ventures, a non-profit organization that takes previously incarcerated persons and pairs them with successful entrepreneurs and executives. Despite the success he’s achieved in present day, Jason did not have an easy start. He was incarcerated at the age of 15 and earned a 12 year sentence due to his life of hustling, gambling and gang affiliation.
Since being released from prison, he’s completely transformed his life. Jason graduated from UT Dallas with a double masters (MBA, International Business), has raised over a quarter million dollars in private funding for non-profits, serves on the board of directors for TCJC, is featured in the hit documentary, Chasing Bonnie and Clyde and even founded his own company, By Size moments. 
  • Abusive upbringing
  • Lifestyle of gambling and hustling
  • The Crime
  • Roberies and burglaries 
  • Sentencing
  • Checking into prison
  • Life of a prisoner 
May 29, 2017

Trevor is the co-founder of, which was ranked one of the top motivational blogs in 2016 and has garnered over 490,000 fans on social media. 

Trevor is the host of the Become The Lion Podcast, where he's interviewed highly successful entrepreneurs including Mike Dillard, Joel Brown, Chris Ducker, John Lee Dumas, Tim Sykes, Jon Gordon and many more. 

Trevor co-authored the book, The Daily Lion and has been a contributor to various online publications including Addicted2Success, Influencive and The Daily Positive. 

Having just turned 20 years old a few months before the recording of this podcast, Trevor is living proof that your age doesn’t matter when it comes to achieving success. 

  • The entrepreneurial mindset
  • The smart way to approach education
  • How to bounce back from failure 
  • Learning from mistakes
  • The importance of mentors 
  • Meditation
  • Online marketing 
  • How to grow your social following

Connect with Trevor: 






May 22, 2017

The lady behind the scenes at Interviews-That-Convert-dot-com and the host of the fantastic new podcast ‘Get Guest Ready’ -- Nicole Holland helps successful business owners and CEOs increase their visibility exponentially through Podcast Guesting so they can make a greater impact, influence, and income. Proud to have been named in the Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017” alongside female powerhouses including Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Amy Porterfield, and Dorie Clark, Nicole continues to inspire entrepreneurs all around the globe through her popular podcast, The Business Building Rockstars Show.


Work with Nicole: 

Main Website:

Get Guest Ready School:

Business Building Rockstars Show Podcast Website:

Business Building Rockstars Summit:


Connect with Nicole: 





May 15, 2017

Chris Hanson was with IBM for nearly 20 years working in sales.  At 28, he began spending nights and weekends learning the stock market; the goal was time freedom.  He got there in 2002 at age 40 and walked away from the j-o-b.  People began approaching him saying, “I want to walk away like you did, show me how”, so he started , a stock market workshop that teaches the methods he uses.  He also hosts the podcast “Investing From The Beach”.

Connect with Chris Hanson:
May 8, 2017

Cassie Parks is a seven time best selling author, a retiree at the age of 32, and the Creator of the Manifest $10K course which has currently served more than 1500 people + in 26 countries. 

Her best-selling books include the topics of money, business and lifestyle design. She is a mentor for those who want to turn their wildest dreams into their dreams come true. Manifest $10,000 hits bookstores in May of 2017.

On this episode, Cassie and I discuss what it takes to become financially free and how to develop a positive money mindset. 

Connect with Cassie Parks:




May 1, 2017
Riad Bekhi is an eCommerce entrepreneur and the Chief Potato Officer @ Potato Parcel, which is a service that allows you to send a custom message to anyone…on a potato. Now although that might sound funny to some of you, it is a serious business. Riad and his parter Alex Craig, were featured on the hit TV show, the Shark Tank and successfully struck a deal, with Mr. Wonderful himself, Kevin O’Leary. 
Leesons from Riad: 
  • The benefits of self-learning
  • Creating an environment that employees enjoy
  • Time management and organization
  • Focusing on growth and always being open to new ideas. 
Connect with Riad and Potato Parcel
Apr 24, 2017
Jason is a top business and executive coach and sales leadership trainer. He’s a leading expert on human behavior, influence, and relationship building. 
At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and your relationships are your true “wealth.” Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people. 
He's worked with well-known CEOs such as Steve Jobs, Mark Hurd at HP, and many others. He's helped his clients meet influencers such as Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and many others. He's also helped his clients make more than $1 billion dollars over the past 3 years and get on influential boards such as TED and xPrize.
Jason’s bestselling book, Social Wealth, the how-to-guide on building personal and professional relationships, has sold more than 45,000 copies and has been #1 in four business and self-help categories.
He's been a featured guest on 500+ podcasts, radio and TV shows, and FOX News radio contributor. Jason has his law degree and masters in communications from Syracuse University. 
Apr 17, 2017

Robert James Collier is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner. Entrepreneurs Dinner hosts dinners for entrepreneurs, freelancers, models, artists, creatives and more to share:

  • What their business is
  • What their biggest challenge is
  • How they can help others

These events are held at beautiful and exclusive private venues. The Entrepreneurs Dinner experience is complete with private chefs cooking delicious 4-course meals, bartenders serving drinks and videographers to capture the entire event. 

Robert considers meditation to be one of the key factors to his success as an entrepreneur. On this episode we discuss the benefits of meditation and its direct application to business success. 

Connect with Robert:

To learn more about Entrepreneurs Dinner go to

Apr 10, 2017

Crystal Gornto is an entrepreneur, event facilitator, blogger, speaker, Ruckus Maker and of course the Chief Love Amplifier at, which connects women with purpose in the busy seasons of life. 

Crystal is a wife and mother who left a successful career to start HeartStories because she knows what it’s like for women to rush through life on autopilot, losing touch with close friends and the truth about themselves in little pieces along the way.

HeartStories was born out of her passion to help women to hear Love louder than all the negative noise in their lives. Through HeartStories, Crystal is determined to create fun and innovative ways to connect women with more joy and purpose.   Her mission is to inspire them to be all they’re meant to be, while enjoying the journey together, despite their hectic lives.  She hosts monthly GNOs (Girl’s Nights Out) speaks, and blogs daily about life and learning on the journey of leading HeartStories.

Crystal would love to connect!  Find her on LinkedInFacebookInstagram, & Twitter.

Apr 3, 2017

Jonathan is the Founder of DASH, Digital Auction Showdown, which is a digital auction platform designed to enhance a fans sporting experience before, during, and after a game by connecting sports teams with their fans through live, in-game auctions.

What you will learn: 

  • How to build a tech company without tech experience
  • How to attract and build the right team to support your vision
  • The product validation process 
  • Hustle, grind and overcoming fear 
  • What Jonathan learned about life and business on the wrestling mat

Get the DASH app!

Connect with Jonathan: 




Mar 27, 2017

Alison Lumbatis is the creator and editor of Get Your Pretty On and the first of it’s kind online capsule wardrobe membership program – Since rolling out the program in 2014, over 10,000 women in 20 countries have participated. She is also the developer of Stylegistix, a turnkey fashion tech platform that allows personal stylists, fashion bloggers and online fashion retailers to easily create and sell their online style programs.

Alison is a personal stylist and former actress and print model with both creative and technical backgrounds. She was a network engineer for several years before leaving corporate America to pursue creative endeavors.   She is a contributor to Redbook Magazine and has been named one of the Top 25 Best Fashion and Beauty Blogs (POPSUGAR), an Editor’s Favorite (Lucky Magazine) and a Top Up and Coming Blog (Bloglovin’). Alison is the Amazon best selling author of Get Pretty, Kick Butt! The Moms’ Guide to Looking Your Best and Getting More Done. Through the Pretty Strong program, GYPO provides complimentary style services to women undergoing cancer treatment.

Get Your Pretty On reaches a half million visitors annually in 200 countries worldwide. Alison inspires a global community of women to rediscover themselves and embrace what makes them feel pretty, happy and confident.

Connect with Alison:





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