The Pathways to Success with Julian Placino

Julian Placino is a professional recruiter, career coach, speaker and entrepreneur who has conducted thousands of interviews and has helped hundreds of people find their dream job and advance their career. The purpose of the Pathways to Success is to deconstruct the excellence of high performing individuals in various disciplines and share their inspiring stories to help you achieve your maximum potential.
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Jan 30, 2017

With more than two decades of facilitating, teaching, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Tom Allen, President/CEO of Opango, is dedicated to helping business professionals and entrepreneurs understand how to create a well thought-out executable business plan, a roadmap, to take their ideas and businesses to the next level. 

Tom brings a passion and energy to his presentation that empowers his audiences to understand their potential and devise strategies to identify their toughest business challenges and implement critical action plans that accelerate their sales cycles and maximize profits to greater levels.

He has advised tech startups and established telecom business owners and executives to succeed where others have failed. Comfortable in the boardroom and also on the factory floor, he has led teams at all organizational levels and across many industries. He takes great joy in their successes.

Tom’s specialty is collaborating with his clients to install business infrastructure, leadership methods, and management processes to achieve self‐sustaining businesses that function smoothly, consistently, and profitably. 

Tom holds an Executive MBA from University of Florida and is an avid pilot. In his spare time Tom serves as a judge for Texas A&M, University of Texas at Dallas, and Lamar University Business Plan Competitions. 

Besides flying, his wife and children, one of Tom’s greatest passions is encouraging young entrepreneurs letting them know…“You can do it, you’re going to be okay!”

What you will learn: 

  • Step by Step: Turning an idea into a profitable business 
  • Tom’s “controversial” idea about business relationships 
  • Idea, entrepreneur, execution…what’s most important? 
  • Business plans: Do you even need one? 
  • When you should and shouldn’t listen to your customer
  • The kind of relationships every entrepreneur needs
  • Distinguishing good business ideas from bad ones  
  • Why you must take criticism well and use it
  • Why it’s ok for your business to change 
  • The commonalities of successful business ideas 
  • To scale or not to scale? 
  • 3 Company Types: Product Leader, Customer Intimacy, Economic Efficiency 
Jan 23, 2017

Jake Thompson is the Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day and the host of the "Better Than Yesterday” podcast. He began his entrepreneurial journey by selling shirts from the back of his car in May of 2011. To the dismay of his friends, Jake no longer sells the shirts from his car. One of his proudest accomplishments is the ability for Compete Every Day to provide employment for its growing team, allowing them to live their passion daily. 

Jake is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and writer. He is a proud TCU alumni & MBA graduate of the University of Dallas. He loves working out while also being obsessed with donuts. Jake currently lives in the Dallas area with his wife, Elena, & their two lovable boxers, Huckleberry & Bella.

What you will learn: 

  • Jake Thompson’s entrepreneurial story 
  • How to scale a business
  • How to find your “one thing”
  • How to deal with fear and uncertainty 
  • What makes a great brand 

Connect with Jake: 








Jan 16, 2017

Deirdre Sanborn is a leadership coach, business consultant, corporate event speaker, and the host of The Ambition Project Show. She leverages over 20 years experience as an executive in the investment banking industry working with Fortune 500 companies to provide strategic value and insight to her clients. Deirdre firmly believes that clear, open conversations are the secret weapon that fuels growth in any business. It is the reason why top clients work with you, elite talent sticks with you, and your company profits year after year. Her mantra: "Relationships are the deal”.

What you will learn: 

  • The 5 C’s to live a fulfilled life
  • The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make to derail fulfillment
  • How to find your unique gift 
  • How to find your unique purpose 
  • Steps to living your best life now 

Deirdre's Mission: 

To help business leaders build inspired businesses that support them, their family, their employees and their community.

What Deirdre does for her clients:

She advises business owners about employing the best of "big company" practices to help their team think strategically about expanding their business, optimize performance and access capital to fund the company's growth objectives. 

Who Deirdre works with: 

Her programs are designed for motivated business leaders who want to grow and build a company or team that frees them up to do only what they love to do most in their business. It’s a process that will show you how to multiply your income, freedom, and take your company to the next level. 

Specialties: Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning, Communication, P&L Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures, Structured Finance, Banking Relationships, Investor Relations & Mentoring.



Twitter: @deirdre_sanborn

The Ambition Project Show Podcast:

Jan 9, 2017

Stephanie J. Bond is a survivor. After experiencing personal heartbreak of unfathomable proportions, she has dedicated her life to helping others transcend through their own personal tragedy.

Stephanie’s husband struggled with mental illness throughout the last several years of their marriage. As his illness escalated, violence and abuse gradually crept into their home. In 2010, her marriage ended with an attempted murder and his suicide. Stephanie was shot three times and suffered life-threatening injuries. Her family was broken. Her community was divided. She lost her multi-million dollar business, leaving her with few financial resources to raise four children.

Stephanie is proof that even with financial stability and other privileges, domestic violence and mental illness can still destroy everything. Through all of this, she refuses to be typecast as a victim. Her unique perspective as a caregiver, her need for resilience, and her belief in the power of faith —especially during times of unimaginable grief—is shared with raw transparency and authenticity.

Stephanie shares her story to shed light on improving the way to view, act, and care for those afflicted with mental illness. She shares her story to help navigate a way out from domestic violence. She shares her story to inspire others to rise above their personal struggles.

What you will learn: 

  • Recovering from domestic violence 
  • Steps to get out of an abusive relationship 
  • Mental illness from the Caregiver’s eyes
  • Overcoming loss
  • Finding purpose through Pain
  • Rebuilding your foundation
  • Domestic violence resources 

Connect with Stephanie: 



Jan 2, 2017

Elizabeth de Moraes is a Certified Transformational Coach, focused on visibility and video in business who creatively and passionately guides and empowers high-powered-go-for-it entrepreneurs who know they want to make an even bigger impact, "unleash their inner celebrity™" through video and stand out in a crowded marketplace by being the superstars they are meant to be in the world! 

She does this by helping them get their head in the game, gain clarity on the direction they desire to go in business and life, and refine their messaging, and especially their 'performance' skills to get their powerful message out. All this so that they can access and unleash their authentic charisma, which is so powerful in helping one to be seen as the leader and celebrity in their field! Having that extra 'spark' in your messaging can become your super power! It equals more magnetism, which translates into more influence, impact and sales!

She draws from her extensive experiences as a transformational coach, multiple business owner former international professional dancer, choreographer, scholar and teacher in both performing and in business. She has the experience and knowledge that gives her a unique way of 1. helping clients define their passion/message/business and then 2. drawing out their authentic essence so that they can step out fully onto their “stage.” It has been her honor and privilege to witness the blossoming of many people who then stand in their power and unleash that “inner celebrity” that has been lying dormant for so long. 

It's time to stop fearing your brilliance so that you can step into your greatness...the greatness that you were placed here to claim and release to the world! 

What you will learn: 

  • Mastering video to grow your business 
  • How to NOT freak out in front of the camera 
  • Looking like a pro in front of the camera (even if you aren’t) 
  • Crushing Facebook Live
  • Unleashing your charisma and inner celebrity 
  • Finding your unique strengths and inner greatness 
  • Lessons from performing arts to grow your business 
  • How to develop improv skills 

Connect with Elizabeth!

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