The Pathways to Success with Julian Placino

Julian Placino is a professional recruiter, career coach, speaker and entrepreneur who has conducted thousands of interviews and has helped hundreds of people find their dream job and advance their career. The purpose of the Pathways to Success is to deconstruct the excellence of high performing individuals in various disciplines and share their inspiring stories to help you achieve your maximum potential.
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The Pathways to Success with Julian Placino


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Aug 14, 2017
Joshua Ponton is a Fitness Entrepreneur and the Founder of Renegade Bootcamps DFW. Renegade was created for people who have had trouble losing weight in the past and have been failed by countless gyms and weight-loss programs. In addition to workout classes, renegade has a proven method of creating results through accountability and progress evaluation. For anyone whose ever felt stuck in any area of exercise, nutrition or recovery, Renegade can be the solution for you. 
  • Developing the mind in order to transform the body 
  • How to conquer limiting beliefs
  • They keys to making permanent change 
  • How to avoid self sabotage 
  • Finding your passion and purpose 
  • Josh’s entrepreneurial story 
  • Building a great business culture 
  • Why customer service is everything 
  • Renegade fitness methodology 
Aug 7, 2017

MOAR Creative is a Brand Ignition Agency. They ignite the spark within brands, unlocking their potential and maximizing their impact. They do this through brand strategy, storytelling, and the full range of creative services. They partner with their clients and help them rise above the competition to WIN.

Greg Keathley Bio:

Greg Keathley is an award-winning multimedia designer, creative strategist, brand consultant, artist, and father. He has won several design awards for his work and recently created the logo for a billion dollar company. His work has been seen around the world, and people have even tattooed it onto their bodies. He loves helping people and invites any and everyone to chat him up on social media with questions or to critique portfolio work.

Jensen Hall Bio:

Jensen Hall is a video producer, editor and director of photography. Creativity began in early childhood with directing and editing home videos and grew as he shot wedding videos as a young adult. Jensen loves to tell stories with his shots and always strives to create beautiful images that draw the viewer into the frame. Jensen lives in Melissa with his wife Lesley and four month old son Henderson. He is actively involved in his church and helps lead the youth group. He loves to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

  • How to Ignite your brand and design 
  • How to effectively communicate your brand to your customers
  • The top 3 platforms you should utilize to promote your brand
  • How to tell the story of your brand 
  • How to incorporate video to promote your brand 
  • How to take full control over your branding
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