The Pathways to Success with Julian Placino

Julian Placino is a professional recruiter, career coach, speaker and entrepreneur who has conducted thousands of interviews and has helped hundreds of people find their dream job and advance their career. The purpose of the Pathways to Success is to deconstruct the excellence of high performing individuals in various disciplines and share their inspiring stories to help you achieve your maximum potential.
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The Pathways to Success with Julian Placino


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Apr 24, 2017
Jason is a top business and executive coach and sales leadership trainer. He’s a leading expert on human behavior, influence, and relationship building. 
At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and your relationships are your true “wealth.” Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people. 
He's worked with well-known CEOs such as Steve Jobs, Mark Hurd at HP, and many others. He's helped his clients meet influencers such as Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and many others. He's also helped his clients make more than $1 billion dollars over the past 3 years and get on influential boards such as TED and xPrize.
Jason’s bestselling book, Social Wealth, the how-to-guide on building personal and professional relationships, has sold more than 45,000 copies and has been #1 in four business and self-help categories.
He's been a featured guest on 500+ podcasts, radio and TV shows, and FOX News radio contributor. Jason has his law degree and masters in communications from Syracuse University. 
Apr 17, 2017

Robert James Collier is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Dinner. Entrepreneurs Dinner hosts dinners for entrepreneurs, freelancers, models, artists, creatives and more to share:

  • What their business is
  • What their biggest challenge is
  • How they can help others

These events are held at beautiful and exclusive private venues. The Entrepreneurs Dinner experience is complete with private chefs cooking delicious 4-course meals, bartenders serving drinks and videographers to capture the entire event. 

Robert considers meditation to be one of the key factors to his success as an entrepreneur. On this episode we discuss the benefits of meditation and its direct application to business success. 

Connect with Robert:

To learn more about Entrepreneurs Dinner go to

Apr 10, 2017

Crystal Gornto is an entrepreneur, event facilitator, blogger, speaker, Ruckus Maker and of course the Chief Love Amplifier at, which connects women with purpose in the busy seasons of life. 

Crystal is a wife and mother who left a successful career to start HeartStories because she knows what it’s like for women to rush through life on autopilot, losing touch with close friends and the truth about themselves in little pieces along the way.

HeartStories was born out of her passion to help women to hear Love louder than all the negative noise in their lives. Through HeartStories, Crystal is determined to create fun and innovative ways to connect women with more joy and purpose.   Her mission is to inspire them to be all they’re meant to be, while enjoying the journey together, despite their hectic lives.  She hosts monthly GNOs (Girl’s Nights Out) speaks, and blogs daily about life and learning on the journey of leading HeartStories.

Crystal would love to connect!  Find her on LinkedInFacebookInstagram, & Twitter.

Apr 3, 2017

Jonathan is the Founder of DASH, Digital Auction Showdown, which is a digital auction platform designed to enhance a fans sporting experience before, during, and after a game by connecting sports teams with their fans through live, in-game auctions.

What you will learn: 

  • How to build a tech company without tech experience
  • How to attract and build the right team to support your vision
  • The product validation process 
  • Hustle, grind and overcoming fear 
  • What Jonathan learned about life and business on the wrestling mat

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Connect with Jonathan: